cGMP Fully Automated
Production Line

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Your Lifeline to Plasma Derivatives and Recombinates since 2001

Prodigy is a National Specialty Distributor of plasma derivatives
& recombinant protein therapies, high-touch or sensitive therapies.
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503B Outsource Admixing and Compounding Pharmacy Services

“US Compounding serves patients and practitioners nationwide with life-changing and life-saving medications through quality, service, integrity, and compassion.”

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Hereditary Angioedema Therapy

Hereditary Angioedema Therapies (HAE) Readily Available in the ER:
Immediate Treatment with FDA approved therapies available to patients.
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Prodigy Health Supplier Corporation has grown into one of the leading suppliers of plasma derivatives and injectables in the United States. Based in Austin, Texas, Prodigy’s offices are located adjacent to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport ensuring same day delivery to get you the vital life-saving products you need. Fast, reliable service is what Prodigy is all about NOW!