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What We DO

Prodigy Health Supplier Corporation is a national distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals
including products such as plasma derivatives, recombinant protein therapies and other high-touch or sensitive therapies.

Since our inception in 2001, we have concentrated specifically in hemophilia and the bleeding disorders space. Starting in 2012 we expanded our portfolio into other specialty products for rare diseases in areas such as Hereditary Angioedema, enzyme therapies, reversal agents and anti-venom.

 We are licensed in all 50 states and have three redundant distribution hubs. We are a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor, (VAWD). Prodigy is fully compliant with DQSA/DSCSA regulations providing a secure supply chain for the customers we serve. 

To support and effectively manage difficult areas in hospital pharmacy for our customers, Prodigy has partnered with US Compounding, a leading 503B outsource compounding pharmacy to provide access to quality pharmaceutical preparations during times of manufacture back orders. This also provides consistent supply of products that are difficult to prepare or experience high volume of waste when produced in the hospitals. 

Prodigy has transformed into a primary-contracted supplier for a rapidly increasing number of IDN’s across the nation as a result of our transparent contracts and pricing models, product expertise and secure logistics network. Manufacturers partner with Prodigy to provide hospitals immediate access to their specialty pharmaceuticals.

Prodigy's TrueRx Consignment provides significant value through immediate access to life- saving medications. Hospitals can stock expensive pharmaceuticals without paying for them until they are used.

Additionally, Prodigy provides same-day STAT delivery of life saving medications across multiple channels within hours nationwide through our robust distribution network.

In September 2013, The Stephens Group became a major shareholder partnering with Prodigy's management team to drive Prodigy's continued growth for years to come.

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